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Zhongshan Junfa Electromechanical Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Junlian Glass Co., Ltd.
Zhongshan North District Hydropower Installation Engineering Company Zhongshan Huaxing Electromechanical Installation Engineering Company
Zhongshan Shenghui Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Construction Engineering Company Decoration Branch
Guangzhou Mechanical and Electrical Installation Co., Ltd. Boluo Yingjian Hydropower Installation Engineering Company
Zhuhai Huaxi Installation Company Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Investment Building
Guangxi Guigang Agricultural Bank of China Guangxi Long Distance Telecom Line Bureau Fiber Optic Building
Guangxi Armed Police First Corps Comprehensive Building Guangxi Guitang (Group) Co., Ltd.
Guangxi Binyang Telecom Bureau Guangxi Nanning Telecom Second Hub Group
Guangxi Nanning Sugar Industry Co., Ltd. Guangxi Commodity Inspection Bureau Import and Export Office Building
China Construction Bank of Guangxi White Area Guangxi Guizheng Economic and Technological Development Corporation
Guilin Huamu Company Guilin Huazhonghua Building
Shaanxi Yijian Installation Material Supply Branch Shaanxi Water Conservancy Engineering Construction Administration
Shaanxi Yangquan Wastewater Treatment and Preparation Office Tianjin Tianxing Industrial Company
New Shanghai International Building Shanghai Tianxing Building
Shanghai Aurora Building Shanghai Jincheng Construction Development Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Unilever Toothpaste Co., Ltd. Shanghai Futures Building
Shanghai Siemens Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. Shanghai New World Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Hongnan Vacuum Electronic Equipment Factory Shanghai Meikailong Furniture Decoration City
Shanghai Jinsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xusheng Trade Department
Nanjing Clothing Import and Export Corporation Nanjing Wutai Garden
Nanjing Xuanwu District Government Building Nanjing Hongxing Furniture City
Nanjing Light Industry Import and Export Corporation Nanjing Xuanwu Town Construction and Development Corporation
Nanjing Dadi Construction Group Co., Ltd. Nanjing Zhenhong Civil Defense Development Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Kaiyuan Economic Development Corporation Nanjing Fengguang Construction Comprehensive Development Company
Nanjing Qinzhun Town Development Company Nanjing Hongxin Building


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